Digital Marketing

Quikfox offers a wide range of digital marketing solutions helping you driving the growth of your online business. Our experts help you reach and convert more customers by creating and implementing digital marketing strategies customized for your unique business needs.

Digital Marketing

Quikfox offers a wide range of digital marketing solutions helping you driving the growth of your online business. Our experts help you reach and convert more customers by creating and implementing digital marketing strategies customized for your unique business needs.

Why Work With Us

We are a Swiss owned and managed company with over ten years of experience in IT. With capabilities in both Digital Marketing and Web Development, we are a reliable partner who can provide world­class SEO recommendations, and implement them technically to your site and platforms. We offer c​omplete solutions,​reducing the need for you to work with multiple external partners and minimizing project complexity and cost.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Get more quality organic traffic by improving your site's relevance, visibility, and authority. Our SEO solutions are both custom and flexible, and may include K​eyword Research, Technical Site Audit, Content Audit, Link Audit, Migration Audit, Mobile Audit, Link Removal, Link Building, Competitor Research, and/or ongoing consulting and SEO monitoring.​


Local SEO

Get​ s​earch engines to rank your website and contact information on top of local search results. Our custom strategy improves your website and citations so both humans and search engines can easily find and understand what your business is about. Our strategy may include L​ocal Keyword Research, optimizing Google My Business listings, Improving Local Directories Listings, On Site Optimization, and Online Brand Optimization.


Content Marketing

Improve your rankings in search engines by getting more referral traffic, links, engaged users, and brand visibility. By producing quality content, we build trust in your brand and drive more conversions for your business. The content production process includes K​eyword Research, Audience and Buyer Persona Development, Unique Selling Points Analysis, Competitor Research, and Content Marketing Strategy Development.


Guest Blogging

Getting links from high domain authority sites is fundamental for SEO success. By producing and publishing quality articles on industry leading blogs, we help you get relevant backlinks, increase brand awareness, and rise in search results. W​e do this by analyzing your business and industry, planning and producing engaging articles, and building great relationships with blog editors.​


Pay­Per­Click (PPC)

Get maximum return on your ad spend. Our Google Certified PPC experts will help you get more visibility, have better budget flexibility, control, and targeting of your campaigns. Our ongoing PPC management starts with a custom strategy, keyword research, existing campaigns audit, campaign restructuring, and ongoing KPI reporting. The PPC services we offer are P​aid Search, Display Advertising, Remarketing, LinkedIn Advertising, Facebook Ads, Product Listing Ads, and Landing Page Design and Development.


Social Media

Get noticed on social media by publishing engaging content and participating in discussions. Our outreach coordinators will learn everything about your business segment to create and curate engaging and trending topics and join relevant discussions on your behalf. This, in turn, will help you build brand awareness and establish your organization as a thought leader. Our Social Media services include S​ocial Strategy, Social Media Setup, Ongoing Management, Social Media Audit, Managing Paid Ads, and training.​


Email Marketing

Get users to open your emails, read them, and take action. We can make all that happen by crafting beautiful email templates, writing engaging copy, and running A/B tests to determine what works and what doesn’t. ​You can outsource all your Email Marketing activities to us, or our experts can take over what you are already doing with your preferred email marketing platform.​


Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Increase the percentage of visitors on your site that take a desired action (conversion). Our experts will help you save costs by capitalizing on traffic you already have. We will lower your cost­per­acquisition and will maximize your profit. Our custom CRO strategy may include A​/B Multivariate Testing, Landing Page and Site Review, Analytics Review, Email Campaigns Review, and Hypothesis List Generation.



Let us help your team see the big picture. We can build a custom solution to meet your needs. Our experts can schedule regular meetings and guide your team to achieving better results. T​he format of the consulting meetings can be Coaching, Training Classes, or In­Person Workshops.

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